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During the voyage ‘Expedition Fearless too’ young journalists who are eager to travel by means of the ocean can apply for a place on the boat.

You will stay on a cost basis only, in general extra food/extra energy costs. Depending on the place in the world and the type of the route this will vary a little. Yet before each leg it will be made clear so no issues will come from it during or after the trip.

The general idea is that you apply with a plan and put in learning goals on what you want to expand your knowledge about. This can be as broad as anything.
Yet you have to make it in a vlog story. After editing it should be between 1 and 2 minutes of vlog per day in which you share people with your own voice (this may be a voice over) your story. For legal reasons we will schare all the rights of the material you make so that we can use each other’s material during your stay and after! 
On the boat is effectively a group of people staying together and working on various (sometimes odd) jobs. It is to be expected that you are willing to cooperate in the household chores as well as the nautical duties required to safely navigate a yacht through the oceans. Obviously there is quite a lot of opportunity to pick up on nautical knowledge and of course it’s not expected that you do things you are not licensed to do. (like navigate / nautical decision making)

Medical and third party